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Roof Repair in Camas Vancouver WA

Roofing repairs can be dangerous, it may be safer to leave it to our experts. Different homes have different styles of roofs to protect them; we are equipped to handle your roof to keep your home covered. Whatever roofing materials are on your home, we are prepared to replace them to improve the life of your roof and home. Stone Design is your Portland/Vancouver area roofing contractor and we have you covered.

Roof Shingles

Roof construction played an important part in the industrious defining of civilization and culture all around the world. Thousands of years ago, humans didn’t just have the luxury of phoning up their local contractor and asking for a furnished two bedroom bungalow with a brand new weatherproof roof. Using their natural surroundings they crafted shelter for there families. In the past, they used branches. Now we use shingles but we still follow the basic structure; applying the shingles from bottom to top to keep the rain in a sloping stream down and away from cozy homes.


Getting tired of your old roof? Let Stone Design transform your roof and bring a completely new look to your home. In this case what is on the outside does matter as much as what is on the inside. Your weather proof roof protects your home and your loved ones from all sorts of northwest weather conditions, not to mention the prevention of mold and a rotting structure.

Leaks? Remodel With Stone Design!

Your roof may be outdated, falling apart or just looking ugly. Completely installing a brand new roof may not always be the answer. By having a roofing contractor come out and evaluate the work load you can save thousands by making minor improvements without tearing apart the whole roof. Prevent leaks and weak spots in your roof with Stone Design’s expert roofing contractors.

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